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Thailand's Fishing Venues

To find out more about Thailand's many fishing destinations, just click on the venue names in the menus on the right of the page, or links below.


Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing ParkThailand is home to literally thousand's of freshwater fishing opportunities, from the smallest of ponds and streams, up to the mighty rivers such as the Mekong, Chao Praya and Maeklong Rivers. There are also hundreds of privately owned fisheries or fishing parks as they are known in Thailand up and down the country too, as well as dams and reservoirs, such as Khoe Lam and Srinakarin Dams, some of which are located in some of Thailand's most majestic scenery. We couldn't possibly list all the destinations that are available, but we will try and add new destinations here as we explore them with our guests or if we are including them in our fishing itinereries or if we feel they have some special interest for the visiting angler. There are still certain rivers where 200LB Carp swim, although admittedly they are very rare, and it is almost unheard of for such fish to be caught on rod and line, but that's what we love about Thailand's fishing, it's unknown what's out there. We have had reports of huge carp  in the North of the country as well in rivers around rivers and fisheries in Ratchaburi Province.  We are also interested to hear from anyone be they local's, holiday makers, expat's or fishery owners of their experiences of fishing in Thailand, and if it's at a new venue, we will dedicate a page, just drop us an E-mail. Also have a look on the forums for more information on Thailand's fishing destinations. Below is a brief description of some of Thailand's better known venues, but for a more detail description just click on the dedicated venue pages on the left.

Bungsamran - Bangkok

BungsamranBungsamran is where it all began! Still home to some of the biggest Mekong Catfish, and still hold's the crown for the world's largest carp. Bungsamran is where you go on your first ever Thai Fishing trip, as it introduces the angler to the power of the Mekong Catfish, SE Asia most celebrated freshwater sportfish.  Find out more   Bungsamran

Jurassic Fishing Park - Hua-Hin/Cha-Am

Jurassic MountainJurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park is set to become one of Thailand's premier fisheries and is a must for those chasing Arapaima. The fishery boast a stock of ONLY 100lb+ fish, so you know the moment you hook up your into a monster. In addition the carp fishing is prolific with many anglers enjoying 200lb+ bags of 20lb plus fish!  Find out more about  Jurassic Mountain Resort ...

Greenfield Valley Fishing & Cottage Resort - Hua Hin

Greenfield Valley Fishing ResortGreenfield Valley is one of the latest addition's to the Thai Fishing scene, as well as being one of the most tranquil and relaxed fishing environments. Greenfield has interesting mix of big fish to 300lb, whilst also providing prolific action on lighter tackle Find out more about  Greenfield Valley Fishing & Cottage Resort ...

Boon Mar Ponds - Bangkok

Boon Mar PondsBoon Mar Ponds is Thailand's best destination for prolific Barramundi fishing. Boon Mar is all about non-stop action on lure and fly, with 30 fish in a session not unusual and the Barramundi being very acrobatic it's sure to be an action packed day find out more about  Boon Mar Ponds ...

Cha-Am Fishing Park - Cha-Am

Cha-Am Fishing ParkCha-Am Fishing Park is one of Thailand's longest established fisheries, consequently it can boast some fantastic Siamese Carp, although not easy to catch, if you hook up with one of Cha-Ams numerous 50lb+ Carp expect a long battle!. Find out more about  Cha-Am Fishing Park ...