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Thailand's Fishing Venues

Maeklong River

Maeklong River - Description

Maeklong RiverThe Maeklong River winds it's way through a number of Thailand's western provinces, and the fishing grounds we visit on the Maeklong are less than an hours drive from Bangkok. The Maeklong river begins it's journey to the sea from Kanchanaburi's low lying foothills where it branches from the River Kwai. The Maeklong then winds it's way through Ratchaburi province before becoming tidal just north of Samut Songkran province. The Maeklong River is 150kms in length and forms the central highway of complex set of khlongs, canals and tributaries, that have been used as routes to transport locally produced and traded goods for centuries. One area described as floating market by tour guides in "Amphawa" was recently awarded UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE status, but in fact there are many kilometers of the main river and the khlongs and canals that are of real interest to visiting tourists, although few overseas visitors are seen in the area. The hundreds of temples that line the banks of the river create  an incredibly mysterious and atmospheric setting for a days fishing, unlike anything an angler has likely experienced elsewhere.

Maeklong River - Venue Statistics

  • SIZE: Apprx 150kms Long
  • DEPTHS: Ranging from around 1.5mtrs to 40mtrs
  • FISH STOCK: 50,000+
  • SPECIES: Freshwater Stingray
  • LARGEST RESIDENT: 250kg+? Giant Freshwater Stingray

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