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Thailand's Fishing Venues

Shadow Lake

Shadow Lake - Description

Shadow Lake at SunsetShadow Lake or "Now Nam" in Thai is a more typical Thai fishing venue, than many of the lakes included in our Itineraries, how ever it has a few differences that make it a worthwhile venue to target. It's a fairly large lake, and unlike a lot of Thai Fishing Parks is quite mature, with some large trees around its perimeter giving it a feeling similar to carp lake at home! We know it has been operating as a fishing venue for around 30yrs and perhaps longer.Shadow Lake, is a large, elongated body of water, that is as yet very not visited by many tour companies, making the venue less expensive to fish but more importantly we feel more exciting to fish! Due to the lower density of catfish, the various carp species are for more readily available and its not unusual to catch several carp species in a day here, including of course the Siamese Carp, Mrigral, Bighead Carp, Rohu and more besides. In addition to the improved chances of carp, the average size of the Mekongs here is larger than Bungsamran. The result is that by using the same methods as Bungsamran its possible to get up to 5 or 6 fish over 30kg in a day, as opposed to 20 to 30 fish all at around 20kg at Bungsamran. The lake facilities are not as developed, but the fishing can be very good! And that's what we are about!

Shadow Lake - Highlights

  • Target Species: Giant Siamese Carp, Mekong Catfish, Stripped Catfish, Bighead Carp.
  • Methods: Bait Fishing, on float or ledger/feeders
  • Excellent Condition Fish: This lake has far less angling pressure on it than Bungsamran, therefore the lakes inhabitants are generally in very good condition when they appear.
  • Record Size Fish: Shadow Lake has Mekong Catfish to 140kg, Giant Siamese Carp to 80kg and record breaking Stripped Catfish
  • Degree of Difficulty: Expect 4 to 8 takes in a days fishing,as opposed to Bungsamrans 20+.
  • Shadow Lake - Venue Statistics

    • SIZE: Apprx 8/9 Acres
    • DEPTHS: Ranging from around 1mtrs to 4mtrs
    • RECORDS: None, but record size Stripped Catfish and Mekongs present.
    • FISH STOCK: 4,000+
    • SPECIES:10+
    • LARGEST RESIDENT: 250LB+ Giant Mekong Catfish

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