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Thailand's Fishing Venues

Pranburi Dam

Pranburi Dam - Description

Pranburi DamPranburi Dam like most of the reservoirs in Thailand offers a number of fishing opportunities. As well as the fishing, the area offers stunning wild scenery and is great place simply to emerse your self in one of Thailand's most scenic settings. It's best situated for those holidaying in Hau Hin, or on an extended fishing tour. These opportunities include lure fishing for various Snakehead (Pla Chon, Pla Chado), Jungle Perch (Pla Kasoop). There are also some Catfish and Carp species that can also be found over longer sessions (pre-baiting heavily for a few days usually brings the carp on so targeting wild carp is best done over longer periods). With access to a quality boat we have the ability to reach places on the dam not easily accessible, so some areas are fished rarely if at all, giving the angler the best possible chance of locating fish.

Pranburi DamTypically we fish with upwards of 6 rods on the dam.

Pranburi DamWe can drive right down to the waters edge in our pick up.

Pranburi Dam - Venue Statistics

  • SIZE: Apprx 30 sq km
  • DEPTHS: Ranging from around .03mtrs to 50mtrs
  • FISH STOCK: Unknown
  • SPECIES: 20+ Species available.

If you would like to go fishing on Pranburi Dam please contact us for full details.