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Thailand's People

Thailand, the Land of Smiles? Yes it still is!

About Thai People

Young Thai women skillfully preparing garlands. Judging by the experience of 1000's of holidaymakers who say that they came to Thailand for a week but fell in love with the country and it's people for a life-time, Thailand's people and culture is certainly one of it's biggest attractions. First time visitors are instantly fascinated by a unique culture and way of life, that leaves them longing to understand, and for some, like your hosts it becomes a life long pursuit to find a way to share in the happiness and contentment that is written into the smiles of some 60,000,000 or so Thai people.

Simple traditions are carried out with a meticulous pride and willingness to please. Even in a modern day Thailand, in the city hustle and bustle of Bangkok, the acts of merit and tribute to Bhudda go on millions of times a day at the smallest of temples, on a street corner, or in a room at home, to the vast golden plated temples built hundreds of years ago.

The picture above shows two Thai women in traditional clothes. They are making a garland from flowers. These are then used as an offering to Buddha images, placed on or around a temple, or sometimes offered to their piers such as parents, teachers or other elders as a mark of appreciation and respect.


Respect for elders and piers in the family is taught from a very early age. This same delineation of roles also applies to the wider world outside the family and will remain deeply ingrained throughout life, thus explaining the reluctance of younger Thai's to oppose or confront a senior during their subsequent careers in business or government. Respect for others is thus an inherent part of Thai culture and this is perhaps why the visiting western tourist is made to feel so welcome in what otherwise might appear to be such a foreign land.

Beyond Bangkok, traditional ways of life flourish. The hill tribes of northern Thailand are certainly communities that have resisted change, as are the seafaring communities of southern Thailand. Thailand also has a lot of communities based around occupations and trades that have profited from maintaining their traditional work approaches. Despite the traditions its fair to say that Thailand has managed to marry traditional values with modern life, in a way perhaps that many western countries could only look upon with envy.

We hope that soon you will come and join us in the land of smiles, you too then will remember the first time you fell in love