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Thailand's Fishing Methods

The Methods, baits and lures in Thailand are all different than in Europe

Thai Fishing Methods for Thai fisheries.

A typical float fishing rig for Bungsamran. As a UK Angler you probably have your own ideas about what might catch a carp or a catfish, and although western methods might work on some western ran Thai fisheries where the fish have been conditioned to those baits and methods, as rule out here it's different if you want a truly authentic Thai Fishing experience. Its all been tried before, the fancy Carp Rigs, complex bait ingredients. There was even a well known boilie manufacturer (we won't mention names) that was crazy enough to sponsor one of the the UK's promising anglers to come out here, with a years free supply of Tutti-Frutti (or some other) to catch a world record Siamese carp, that angler, just like all the others blanked until he used.....well in this case it was in fact rice! But usually it's Bread, Bread and more bread!

Bread, bread and more bread! The other commonly used bait for carp and catfish is rice bran or in Thai "Lum" or "Ram" depending on how you listen. Rice bran can catch catfish on a multitude of methods, float fishing, bottom fishing, bolt style or running leads. The common denomintaor in rigs used for fishing "lum" though are springfeeders or as we might call them in Europe "The method". Well the Thai's where fishing the method it seems long before the Europeans where, as without with a cage of some kind to pack the rice bran around, there is no way of presenting the bait!

Bread, bread and more bread!

Lures for Thailand's native predators.

Surface FrogsWhen a snakehead attacks a surface lure its can be quite vicious.Surface Frogs In Thailand, serious snakehead anglers use a number of different types of lures. Anything from Frog & Lizard Immitations and other soft plastic lures, through to sophisticated fly patterns.The snakehead diet varies and they are opportunistic hunters. They will feed on all kinds of fry and any terrestrials like beetles and fluttering dragonflies touching the water's surface film.

Flies for fishing in Thailand

GamakatsuThere is some great fly-fishing to be had with species such as the Barramundi, and snakehead. For casting flies, the best choices vary, but your guides will be able to assist

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