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Thailand's Fish Species

Carp Species

St.Julien's Golden Prize

Julien's Golden Prize CarpTrust my names sake to be such a good looking fish! Julien's Golden Prize does exactly what it says on the tin. With a sleek body covered in linear rows of golden scales, a beautiful bullseye eye and a mouth very similar to the Barbel this fish has the looks of a model. It really is a prize catch for the visiting angler, especially for those carp anglers who might suggest the Siamese Carp is not good looking (It is, you just have to come fishing in Thailand and catch one and see them close up instead of being an armchair fisherman over there in the UK and Europe!)  In it's native habitat's this fish has been reported to attain weights approaching 200lb, like me! Unlike me though it seems unable to attain those weights in Thailand's stillwaters, I can easily!

 Suprisingly for such a prized species the IGFA record remains vacant, which considering that there are some happy to submit records for 20kg Mekongs, and 1 dram sharks is a real revelation! A good target weight for the species is perhaps 30lb-50lb.

St.Julien's Golden Prize - Vital Statistics

Name: Julian's Golden Prize Carp
Species: Probarbus jullieni
Thai name: Pla Yeesok
Max length: 2 m
Max weight: 70 kg
IGFA record: vacant
Stocked to: 22 kg (45 lbs)
Diet: Aquatic plants, Insects, shellfish, prawns, maize, boilies, sticky rice.

Where to fish for the St.Julien's Golden Prize

It's always nice to believe it might be possible to target any of Thailand's carp species in the wild. Indeed it has been rumoured that locals in Northern Thailand and Laos do catch St Juliens Golden Prize in the Mekong and a number of it's tributaries, but in reality a visiting angler would be better to stick to venues such as Palm Tree Lagoon.