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Guided Fishing in Thailand

Thai Fishing Guides offer some fo the friendliest and knowledgeable advice you can get from any guide

Introduction to Thai Fishing Guides

Thai Fishing Guide Gop. Fishing in Thailand can require many methods and techniques, that will be unfamiliar to the western angler, consequently to get the best results from fishing in Thailand it is best to use the services of a local guide wherever possible. Fishing in Thailand freshwaters with expert fishing guides means you will maximize your results every time you fish. Fish alone to save a few baht and you run the risk of wasting the cost of your day ticket and bait, or worst still hooking into the fish of lifetime and not knowing what to do as it strips 200mtrs of line off your spool! If you've only ever fished Bungsamran for example on your own, but caught say 4 or 5 50LB or 20kg Mekong Catfish and thought you had a good day, think again! We look to secure 25 to 40 fish in a full days fishing (if our guests have the stamina!), and regularly take a Catfish over 50kg for our guests.

Thai Fishing Guide Neung We don’t boast a team of guides, since the vast majority of Thai Fishing Guides work independently. Instead we have our own personal preferences out of a wide choice of guides that we have experience of working with. Part of Siam Fishing Tours service to you, is to select an appropriate guide from the many available, based on our knowledge of the guides abilities, your choice of venue, your target species and on occasion your own angling ability. Some guides skill is in the numbers game, and they can hook you up with catfish all day long, others specialise in certain species, but this is not information that is readily available or offered to the visiting angler. Remember Thai fishing guides come from a different culture, they are often very modest, shy or otherwise unable to "sell" there services and they don't like to boast about their abilities or their catch records, you need to know them a little first before you begin to discover their individual skills and accomplishments.

Ying and Yang of Guiding

Once you have fished in Thailand a few times with a Thai Fishing Guide, you can very quickly begin to see the immense talent these guides have for getting you the visiting angler onto fish. Many Thai Fishing Guides have incredible casting skills, and can place a very soft ball of rice bran that weighs perhaps more than half a pound some 40mtrs out on the same spot over and over again all day long. This is essential for fishing venues such as Bungsamran, since the constant arrival of a correctly prepared bait ball on the same spot begins to build up a large shoal of catfish, and eventually the larger specimens start to move in. The Thai Fishing Guides can also offer expert advise on playing some of the world's largest and hardest fighting freshwater fish, they are also friendly, and have a great sense of humour, so it’s always’ a pleasure fishing with a Thai fishing guide.

Equally though, western angling culture takes into account other aspects of guiding that are often overlooked by Thai Guides when they have not teamed up with a western guiding service. The importance of well balanced tackle suitable for the task for example, and even more importantly the safety of our guests as well as the fishes welfare. These are equally important aspects of guiding as catching fish. Siam Fishing Tours were the first guiding service in Thailand to insist that Thai Guides use unhooking mats FOR ALL THE FISH. This reduces the chance of damage to the fishes eyes and fins, fortunately now some other tour services are following suit. About time! We also have a very specific process for handling fish for the purpose of weighing and photography which requires having the right equipment on hand. Having handled many thousands of fish since we started our tours, we understand the risks to the fishes welfare and do everything in our power to ensure the fish swim away strongly after capture.

You will see many photo’s taken of fish with their captor's taken in the water, which is fine if the angler is happy to get into the water! We have to consider that the water can be dangerous for our guests. Taking Giant Mekong Catfish out of the water is completely safe for the fish, if they are handled efficiently and with care, where as taking large Arapaima onto the bank is a surefire way to put the fish at risk.  Getting into a water that may be filled with items that can cause harm, such as old lines, rusty hooks, and broken glass is of course not an activity we encourage. Of course if you would prefer watershots, we have protocols in place for these as well.

Guides will assist you as much or as little as you require. In addition to putting you on the best fishing spots they can:-

  • Tackle Up
  • Tie Rigs
  • Bait Up
  • Net Fish
  • Unhook & Weigh Fish
  • Take Photos
  • Prepare/Fetch Lunch