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Thailand's Fishing Venues

Fishing in Hua Hin

Greenfield Valley Fishing Resort - Description

Greenfield Valley Fishing Resort in Hua HinGreenfield Valley Fishing & Cottage Resort in Hua Hin, is the latest addition (Dec '09) to Thai fishing scene. John Wilson's brother David and his Thai and English Associates, have carefully designed and stocked this complex of lakes on a tranquil 80 acre private estate which is bound to become one of Thailand's most popular fishing destinations for both day trippers and angling holiday makers alike. Having turned down a number of different opportunities to advise and consult on a fishery here in Thailand, David could not turn down this opportunity because he could see the enormous potential this location has for visiting anglers.

Greenfield Valley, Hua HinAt present, two of the lakes are ready for fishing with several more planned for 2010, ultimately it is planned for this complex of fishing lakes to provide a fishing opportunity for every kind of angler, from fly fishermen to carp and specimen hunters. The main lake has been stocked with 23 species of fish, with all the most popular species being present, such as Giant Siamese Carp, Arapaima, Amazon Red-tails, Giant Mekong Catfish with some specimens approaching 200lb. However in addition to the well known species available for the angler to target here in Thailand, David has also stocked Greenfield Valley with some less well known species such as Marbled Tiger Catfish (Amazonian), Koi/Common Carp crosses, and one or two other less well known species to the Thai fishing scene.

Greenfield ValleyThe match lake has also been stocked with a vast array of species for bait fishing, albeit in smaller sizes, but the whole idea of this fishery is to provide great action on light tackle, aimed at recreational anglers and match anglers who fancy bagging up on exotic carp species and plenty of other stuff too! This lake offers a  great day out for the angling family. In order to keep the fishery from becoming over-fished the main fishing lake ONLY HAS LIMITED SWIMS AVAILABLE, so please book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Set in the foothills just 10kms or so outside of Hua Hin, Greenfield Valley is set in beautiful surroundings of the Hua Hin countryside, yet is still only a short journey into Hua Hin town one of Thailand's most popular coastal tourist towns offering hundred's of places to wine and dine, a great beach and many more of the tourist attractions Thailand is renowned for, so it's a great place to stay for angler's and non-anglers alike. As well as being just a short drive to Hua Hin town, Greenfield Valley is an easy 2hr 30min drive from Bangkok, Thailand 's cosmopolitan capital, making Greenfield Valley the perfect destination for those that want to escape into the Thai Countryside be it for a weekend for tourists or expats staying in Bangkok, or for those overseas visitors looking for a new Thailand Fishing Holiday experience.


Greenfield Valley - Venue Statistics

  • SIZE: 7 lakes from 1 to 4 acres in size
  • DEPTHS: Ranging from around .05mtrs to 4mtrs
  • FISH STOCK: 5,000+
  • SPECIES:25+
  • LARGEST RESIDENT: Arapaima 300lb

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