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Thailand's Fishing Venues

Fishing World

Fishing World - Description

Fishing WorldFishing World, is a very large body of water situated in Minburi Province around 30 miles from central Bangkok it's rural setting makes for a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, so it's not just a great fishing venue for holiday makers, but also a pleasant day's escape for those living and working in Bangkok. Sadly some development has begun to take place around the waters edge, but judging by the pace of this, it will be some years yet before the lake is simply a centrepiece for yet another housing estate. Becuase of its size of 1400Rai or 554 acres Fishing World can be a daunting prospect for first time anglers. Fish Density is much more similar to what we might expect in Europe, on a large natural body of water, which means that without knowledge you could easily blank at this venue numerous times before you learned how and where to catch the lakes inhabitants.  It's possible to fish from some old huts on the lake that where constructed by the original management on a day ticket basis. Bait fishing, lure fishing, and live-baiting has proven to produce results this way, to really stand the best chance of fishing from a static location on this lake we pre-bait heavily for many days prior to your trip. Becuase of this, Siam Fishing Tours looked for alternative ways to fish this venue, and as a result we now have access to another fishing boat we take to the lake. Using a small boat with electric outboard, we have found that the best chance of getting instant results on Fishing World is trolling.

By trolling with a fish finder it is possible to locate the shoals of large Pacu in an expanse of water that you might otherwise believe seems devoid of fish. The Fishfinder reveals a very different story though, showing up some very large individual fish, (Mekong Catfish 100kg+, Barramundi to 25kg) as well as shoals of large Pacu, and Java Barb that can reach weights exceeding the current world records for both species.


  • Target Species: Pacu, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Snakehead, Java Barb.
  • Methods: Trolling
  • Rural Setting: Makes for a pleasant escape from Bangkok Central
  • Feed the fish: Feed Pacu and Java Barb of world record size proportions by hand, around the floating restaurant
  • Recreational Fishing: Enjoy an afternoons trolling, followed by a great meal in the restaurant!
  • Degree of Difficulty: Expect 2 to 6 takes in an afternoons trolling.

Fishing World - Venue Statistics

  • SIZE: Apprx 554Acres
  • DEPTHS: Ranging from around 1mtrs to 25mtrs
  • RECORDS: None, but record size Pacu, Java Barb,Mekongs and possible Giant Snakehead and Barramundi are present.
  • FISH STOCK: Unknown but in 10,000+
  • SPECIES: 20+
  • LARGEST RESIDENT: 250LB+ Giant Mekong Catfish

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