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Thailand's Fish Species

Carp Species

Common Carp

Common CarpThe Common Carp needs very little explanation for most Western Anglers, with imaginative names like "The Big Common" or "Stumpy" or the "The Old Leather" etc given to Europe's pet carp how could we possibly compete with such descriptions? One interesting aspect about the common carp is how differently it is perceived in different parts of the world. In the USA and Australia it's vermin, no good for anything. In the angling fraternity of Europe it is prized as a sport fish. In Eastern Europe it is considered very good eating. Here in Asia the species is mostly just overlooked as pretty bland member of the carp family that know one want's to catch eat or anything else come to that matter! It really is an "also ran" fish. However as a western angler visiting Thailand for a fishing trip it would likely be a prized specimen indeed.

Common Carp - Vital Statistics

Name: Common Carp
Species: Cyprinus Carpio
Thai name: Pla Nai
Max length: 1.5 m
Max weight: 40 kg (90 lb)
IGFA record: 34.35 kg (75 lb11oz) 
Diet: Shrimp, maize, worms, and boilie. Some times fry feeders.

Where to fish for the Common Carp

We haven't yet captured a common carp here in Thailand, although we know of one or two venues that have many small ones these venues wouldn't be of much interest otherwise to a visiting angler. We know of one venue reputed to have had one common carp in it to 37kg, but again these rumours are very much unsubstantiated so we couldn't say for sure if it would be worth bivvying up on the venue for 5 yrs to catch it. Our best bet is Shadow Lake for the Common Carp.