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Thailand's Fish Species

Catfish Species

Chaopraya Catfish

Chaopraya CatfishThe Chao Praya is the dog's ***s as a sport fish. Providing screaming takes, non stop runs and endless stamina it's the Mako Shark of the freshwater world! It's unstoppable, unimaginably strong, so much so it's rumoured to eat dogs and cattle taking them from the banks of it's native rivers. OK OK so I might be exaggerating a little, but that's because it's one of my favourite target species available in Thailand for the angler, and having been hooked into  specimens up to 70kg or so I can tell you these fish will test you and your tackle to the limit. In addition to growing large and being super fast, the Chao Praya is an attractive species, it has the cold eye of a hunter, but with long delicate dorsal fins, pecs and tail tips streaked with charcoal black against a silver mainframe it looks like a brand new Airbus A380 finished in silver, and it's cruising speed ain't much slower!

Chaopraya Catfish - Vital Statistics

Name: Chao Phraya catfish
Species: Pangasius sanitwongsei
Thai name: Pla Tapa
Max length in excess: 3 m
Max weight: 200 kg
IGFA record: 29-5 kg
Diet: fish, dogs, cats, animals and birds.

Where to fish for the Chaopraya Catfish

The Chao Praya Catfish is present in numbers in all the venues we fish. The largest specimens are to be found at Palm Tree Lagoon where we have had a number of guests into very large fish, certainly much larger than the existing world record. Bungsamran is a bit of an enigma as far as Chao Praya fishing is concerned. They are relatively easy to catch at Bungsamran to weights of 20kg or so, but at certain times of the day you can see much larger Chao Praya out towards the middle of the lake that you struggle to get a bait too. I think Bungsamran could produce a surprise or too on the Chao Praya front.