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Thailand's Fishing Venues

Cha-Am Fishing Park

Cha-Am Fishing Park - Description

Cha-Am Fishing Park ThailandCha Am Fishing Park is one of Thailand's better known fishing venues having appeared once again on one or two UK angling TV productions, as well as being written about by angling journalists, Cha Am Fishing Park provides anglers out of Hau Hin and Cha-Am Beach Resorts the opportunity to target Thailand's famous Giant Mekong Catfish and the Giant Siamese Carp.Located in private grounds on the outskirts of Cha-Am the fishing venue can boast a comfortable fishing environment for the recreational angler, as well as offering basic bungalow accommodation and an extensive food and drinks menu. However being only 15 minutes from Cha- Am Beach and perhaps 35 minutes from central Hau Hin most anglers take a day trip option to Cha Am Fishing Park.

Cha-AmThe Lake itself covers perhaps 4 or 5 acres and is basically rectangular in shape. However the overall setting of Cha-Am Fishing Park is reasonably pleasant, with plenty of mature trees and shrubbery in the surrounding grounds. Anglers can fish from one side of the lake which is laid to concrete, as well as a couple of bungalows on stilts. Comfortable shleters with chairs, tables and sunbeds are set back a few meters from the waters edge, providing shade, and place to eat drink and be merry! Whilst you wait for a large Mekong Catfish or carp to take the bait.Fished correctly it is not unusual to take half a dozen or so good sized Mekongs in a days fishing, and although Cha-Am Fishing Park cannot boast the enormous specimens of Bungsamran for example, it has a good head of Giant Mekong Catfish to 80kg, as well as some very good Giant Siamese Carp in excess of 50kgs. As well as these target species it has many of the smaller carp species present too, such as Rohu, Indian Carp, Mrigral etc, and of course masses of those stripped catfish, which are mostly small. Located a short distance from the main tourist area of Hau Hin and Cha-Am, Cha Am Fishing Park is a good destination for those holidaying in Cha-Am or Hau Hin and wishing to experience the power of the Giant Mekong Catfish for the first time.

Cha - Am Fishing Park - Venue Statistics

  • SIZE: Apprx 4 Acres
  • DEPTHS: Ranging from around 1.5mtrs to 8mtrs
  • FISH STOCK: 5,000+
  • SPECIES:15+
  • LARGEST RESIDENT: 160LB+ Giant Mekong Catfish

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