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Thailand's Fishing Venues

Boon Mar Ponds

Boon Mar Ponds - Description

Boon Mar PondsBarramundi Fishing in Thailand continues to be one of the most popular angling opportunities in Thailand, especially with anglers from SE Asia. Boon Mar Ponds is set in the rural aquaculture district of Chachengsao. Surrounded by flat arable land, much of which has been prepared into ponds for the purpose of aquaculture, ponds can be seen all the way to the horizon in certain directions, sparsely outlined by the occasional row of coconut palms or banana trees. The landscape is not pretty, but it is full of interest, and is very typical of this rural area. There is interesting birdlife to observe, as well with various waders, eagles and herons all trying to make a living from the farms. Boon Mar Ponds themselves are part of a large complex of some 30 or more ponds in which Barramundi are farmed. But Boon Mar Ponds themselves have been set aside for the sole purpose of lure fishing and as such the stock of Barramundi in these ponds are typically larger, indeed the specimen pond now actually boasts far more specimens over 10LB than under, and 25LB specimens are not that uncommon.

Boon Mar PondsAnyone who has experienced the heart stopping takes and aerobatic displays of the Barramundi on the lure using light tackle will know just how exciting a days fishing for Barramundi anywhere from 10LB to 30LB+ can be. On a good day a 20LB fish can be smashing into your lure every 20 to 30 minutes.

Boon Mar PondsSituated just 50 minutes or so from Bangkok centre it makes for an ideal fun day's fishing for the keen lure angler, and there opportunities here still for some line class records for the specimen hunter.

Boon Mar Ponds - Venue Statistics

  • SIZE: Large Pond (smaller fish) 3acres apprx, Specimen Pond 1.5acres apprx
  • DEPTHS: Ranging from around .05mtrs to 3mtrs
  • FISH STOCK: Large Pond 10,000+ to 5kg Small Pond 3000+ to 15kg+
  • SPECIES: Barramundi, Tilapia
  • LARGEST RESIDENT: 12kg+ Barramundi

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