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Thailand's Fish Species

Carp Species

Big Head Carp

Bighead CarpThe Bighead carp is a common species native to Thailand, and SE Asia for which we apologise. The Big Head Carp is present in most of Thailand's River systems, lakes and reservoirs, as well as the majority of Thailand's Fishing Parks, but is rarely targeted by anglers as a species since it's never won a beauty contest. Rather it tends to fall to tactics used whilst targeting some of Thailand's other more attractive carp species, such as the Giant Siamese Carp which isn't boring and fights when hooked rather than just hoping the hook will fall out. Unfortunately the Bighead carp has never won a talent competition either, it fights like a girl (Not a Thai girl).  With fine silver to dark grey scales and brownish freckles or flecks often with a slight pinkish tone to the underside when the fish is young, the scales darken as the fish matures, adult colouring depends on the water quality but remains predominantly...boring. Lower Jaw protruding to such an extent on bigger older fish it looks like some tribal ritual has been carried out on it. Small beady protruding eyes set slightly downwards. In many ways it more closely resembles a sea dwelling species, than a freshwater fish. It doesn't have a big head, I guess it has nothing to be bigheaded about!

Where to fish for Big Head Carp

The Bighead is present in many Thai fisheries as well as being distributed through large parts of Asia and as far afield as the USA, we have caugth this species regularly at Shadow Lake and occasionally at Bungsamran as well as in other fishing parks.

Big Head Carp - Vital Statistics

Name: Bighead Carp
Species: Aristichthys nobilis
Thai name: Pla Tjin
Max weight: 40.82kg.                  
IGFA record:  40.82. kg (90 lbs 8 oz)
Diet: Vegitation, Plankton, Insects Angler's Baits.