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Thailand Fishing Articles

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Magazine Artciles and Newsclippings about the Thai Fishing Scene

Strange Fish Thailand. At Siam Fishing Tours we believe that angling tourism can play an  important role in the conservation of South East Asia's fish species and the habitats they live in. Just as angling tourism has done  so much to protect the habitats and fish stocks of so many of the worlds rarer (and often larger) freshwater fish in other parts of the world. As anglers begin to understand South East Asia's potential as a fishing destination, then in time more and more of Thailand's waters, will become catch and release/pleasure angling destinations only, so we think it's important to make as much information available to potential angling tourist's, that might persuade them to try a fishing holiday in Thailand.

A cure for the winter blues. It would be nice to think that in the future, many of Thailand's commercial fishermen taking a living from the Mekong River Basin, whilst depleting the stocks of large and rare Carp & Catfish Species could in fact increasingly play a role in the conservation of the rivers inhabitants, by way perhaps of having "fishing rights" and offering their stretches of water up for conservation minded recreational fishing. Perhaps today this is little more than a pipe-dream, but hopefully if enough angling tourists start to take an interest in Thailand's recreational fishing potential, things may change in time. There are already numerous area's in Thailand where commercial fishing is prohibited.

Many of the articles listed are papers drawn up by researchers working at, for example the Mekong River Commission, often discussing conservation issues. Some of these papers provide a fascinating glimpse of the lives of the enormous fish that still swim beneath the surface of the Mekong and it's tributaries. They also often reveal a worrying decline in the amount of large Carp and Catfish being harvested in fishermen's nets in recent times, suggesting a steep decline in fish populations. This will only be reversed when local fishermen can be offered an alternative to hunting and selling or trading what is caught in order to survive.