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Thailand's Fish Species

Imported Fish Species

Alligator Gar

Alligator GarThe Alligator Gar is somewhat of angling curiosity here in Thailand. Very few anglers target this species but it often gets cuaght with floating deadbaits. Having a body very simialr in appearance to a pike, as well as havig some mittled grey, green colouration throughout its finely scaled body, it could easily be mistaken for a pike apart from its incredible toothy alligator like snout, that is full of treacherous needlike teeth.

Alligator Gar - Vital Statistics

Name: Alligator Gar
Species:Atractosteus Spatula
Thai name: Pla Jonakay
Max weight: Max weight 180kg+                 
IGFA record:126.55kg
Diet: Fish, Frogs and birds

Where to fish for the Alligator Gar

The Alligator Gar is present in nearly all of Thailand's commercial fisheries. However it doesn't really seem to flourish in small lakes this is due to the fact that in it's native, and wild environments it has migratory behaviour patterns, moving out of very large bodies of water and into rivers for spawning. The biggest specimens only reach 40kgs or so in Thailand, it's not clear if this is a different strain fo fish or simply that the Thia environment does not suit them so well.