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Thailand's Fish Species

Catfish Species

Sharptooth Catfish

The Sharptoothed CatfishThe Sharptooth Catfish is a whiskery fellow native throughout the  African continent. This eight-whiskered predator has a mottled skin tone from a pinkish red to dark brown in colour, it looks more like a liver thats been removed from an alchoholic than a fish. It can survive in almost any habitat including lakes, flood plains, your lower intestine and slow deep rivers and is very adaptable. Like so many of the African and Asian Catfish this  air-breathing catfish is capable of travelling  overland in wet conditions to transplant itself in  new bodies (of water) with the aid of its pectoral fins. With an appearance similar to so many of Thailand's other catfish it often just gets branded as "Pla Duk". However it is on average somewhat larger than some of the Asian "Pla Duks", probably enlarged from alchohol abuse!

Sharp-toothed Catfish - Vital Statistics

Name: Sharptooth Catfish
Species: Clarias gariepinus
Thai name: Pla Duk
Max weight: Max weight 36 kg/ 79 lb 5oz                 
IGFA record: 
Diet: Fish, Crustacaens, Insects, Angler's Bait.

Where to fish for the Sharp-toothed Catfish

We have caught the sharp-toothed  catfish out of Lake Monsters to date, but are aware of its presence in several other venues. If you wish to target it specifically your planning a transplant maybe? It  would be easier in a river or any venue that has a much sparser population of predators.